Style Click Media was created out of a necessity to use tools that were not available or created until a year ago. Now we utilize those same tools to bring your company, brand or product what it needs to succeed and create a presence. Peruse our site, browse through our offerings, then when you are ready, drop us a line...also be sure to check out our social media apps to keep abreast of technology upgrades and changes


Brian Baccus
Jamal Smith
Emile Mency

Principal / VP of Operations

Brian  Baccus has been involved in computing for over 35 years and has witnessed the dawning of new devices and technology since the birth of the internet age. He handles the day to day directives and  brings years of experience and Wisdom to the SCM team

Principal / VP 0f Marketing

Jamal Smith has been in real estate sales and financial planning for over 20 years at  IndyMac Bank. Today he has channeled all that expertise into a marketable strategy builder for SCM

Principal / VP of Technology

Emile Mency has been with ATT since time began, actually established his career with them in 1990. Now, with over 27 years under his belt, he joined forces with SCM to make sure the technology solutions that we deploy are top quality

VP of Branding

Adrian Ridley brings to SCM a specialty niche in social media branding. By focusing on the popularity of specific social media apps, Adrian has paved the way to the newest forms of cross communicating a clients brand to the masses that need it.

Adrian Ridley


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