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Everything Facebook launched at F8 and Why

May 2, 2018

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The Hidden LinkedIn Features You Need To Know About


LinkedIn’s Advanced Search holds the keys to the kingdom when it comes to finding your ideal clients and customers on the platform. Here’s how it works.


What if you take the power of Google Search with the real-time communication abilities of Facebook and make it work specifically for professionals?

That’s exactly what it’s like to leverage LinkedIn’s extraordinary internal search engine, which indexes data points on its 500 million users.


Far too few of the platform’s users understand the hidden treasure of LinkedIn’s Advanced Search features, which allow you to instantly create a targeted list of your ideal B2B prospects with a few clicks.


I’m going to explore a few of them with the rest of this post.


3 Steps To Finding Sales Leads on LinkedIn

If you follow the simple steps I’ve outlined below, you’ll walk away with a fast, easy and efficient way to generate more sales leads than you know what to do with on the world’s largest platform for professionals.

As someone who has spent the past five years showing others how to generate new business with LinkedIn, I still meet people each day who had no idea what’s possible on the platform.

If you’re in that camp, prepare to have your eyes opened – wide!


Step 1 – Do an Advance Search on LinkedIn

Start by typing in the job title of your ideal prospect. It might be “Casting Director” or “Chiropractor” … even if your ideal prospect could be anyone, begin by niching down to a target audience where you’ve had experience or success.


On LinkedIn, the #1 rule of sales and marketing is this – the riches are in the niches!


Once you’ve chosen a job title and gotten your initial search results, choose “People,” and use