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Everything Facebook launched at F8 and Why

May 2, 2018

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The $4,200 Social Media Setup Checklist

Below you will find specific images, links and commentary regarding the conversation we had last week. Please look over the items and call me with questions after researching the items thoroughly.

Remember, reading is fundamental, lol.


And if you are wondering why its titled the way it is...wonder no more...this is what it would cost you if @StyleClickMedia were to do this for look at it as if you just saved $4,200 (this is based on how many hours this took to complete, the complications involved and our standard rate of $150/hr)


You do not know how many times I have given people direction and step by step diagrams and they ask me questions that are already answered:




THIS IS IMPORTANT: Before you do any of the following, go to Last Pass and create a FREE, not trial, account as you will NEVER remember these passwords that you start to create for your social sites (forget using ya mama name and your sons nickname because hackers are more sophisticated now and can get into those in a matter of hours, why do you think so many Facebook accounts get hacked, stupidity passwords)




You will be using this app like your life depended upon it, put it on your computer, put it on your phone or any other device you use because it will become autonomous as your journey unfolds.


This app creates long passwords with complexity, when you go to create your passwords on your accounts, use the generate password option so that it can create secure passwords for your accounts


Only thing you have to remember about this is the one user-name and password you create to access it, once again, DO NOT use common things, create an alphanumeric password, for instance:


MsMaryMack would be: M$m@4y-@C9 or something like that, but this is the only password you HAVE TO REMEMBER, SO DON’T FORGET IT. Non recoverable.


Ok, moving along: (side note: go to the link that I provide under pinterest and type in your own search engine thoughts like: “Social Media Brand Building Step by Step” people’s ideas about it and the popularity of the current sites prompts you to always research and over-research as trends change dramatically)




First, you need to build your brand, that entails:

  • Creating a logo: you will use this across the board on all social media outlets

  • Creating a cover photo: This will also be used across all social media outlets

  • Creating your social media accounts from the following: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, youtube, Instagram, stumbleupon, meerkat, tumblr (12 of the main social media sites)

  • Utilize a Social Media Management Tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to manage your accounts, now HootSuite will give you three to manage for free, it costs about $20/month to manage 10 of them, start off with free, get the hang of it, then bump it up to the $20 account.

  • Utilize a Social Medial Analytics Tool like Google Analytics that comes free for any account you attach it to.

  • Build a website using WIX: I have YET to find something as simple as they are and once you perfect it and its ready to launch, just attach it to your domain name if you have one and they will host it for $22/month

  • Build content by sharing other peoples information: The best way to pull other peoples followers is to share something that they are already doing, I have attached two docs that show how I shared what another colleague is doing and also viewing the analytics to see how many people have looked at it since I posted it yesterday, so far 180 people.

  • Very important to build up followers:  This is your bread and butter, best place to start is on your LinkedIn page, start off by joining people in your genre, then branch out to include other associated genre’s. I have an account for myself, plus three of my businesses have their own pages on there, I build up myself and every time I share someone else’s information, I hashtag my companies on it so that they get hits too and followers, I include a partial list of my near 3,000 followers (from September), and now that will be close to 9,000 followers before the end of this month

  • Once all social media accounts have been created